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Our Mission – Our Vision

Only things with roots can also grow

The founding members of Industriewald e.V are determined not to stand on the sidelines and just watch how important, trend-setting decisions for a sustainable, ecological and socioeconomical economy and society are getting procrastinated repeatedly.
When observing industry and commerce’s conduct as well as how society is treating valuable resources of mother earth one has the impression that resources might be infinite or we have a second earth in spare, but we don’t! Today we need about 1.75 planets to provide the resources for our consumption and absorb our waste. By 2030, we will need 2 planets.*
Thus, we need impactful initiatives & actions now! We can no longer wait. Rethinking of all areas of living is inevitable. Otherwise, we are gambling away a worth living future for our children and generations to come.
Industriewald e.V. stands for cultivation and development of deserted wasteland to lively forests.
Our involvement’s goal is to…

  1. Re-forestation: Drive development of new forests on available made wasteland
  2. Quality of Living: Making available places of recreation
  3. Mindset change: help shifting society’s focus to the urgency of climate, resource and nature preservation
    We aspire to closely collaborate with local communities, landowners, biological stations as well as landscape authorities, community associations, school organizations, sponsors and Industriewald e.V. supporters. Together with you we want to make an active and sustainable contribution to climate and nature protection, an impactful contribution for our children society and environment.

Join us planting a worth living future for us, our children and generations to come!

*Source: https://www.theworldcounts.com/challenges/planet-earth/state-of-the-planet/overuse-of-resources-on-earth

Short Version:
Industriewald e.V. is a non-profit environmental and nature conservation association founded in 2021 that is committed to Germany and Austria. Our goal is to protect and preserve the region's sensitive forests, to promote awareness of their special properties and to make their values ​​tangible for all users. Our activities contribute to making the world a little better and more sustainable.